Flying an RC Helicopter


Having the best RC helicopter and it is your first time to try it to fly it means you have to think about preparing it. There should always be a pre-flight and post flight checklist you need to follow in order that your RC helicopter flies smoothly and lands safely as well like every other real plane. These are the things that you would want to check every time you fly a helicopter, before you take it up and after you’re done flying. You won’t have a day of just buying parts and you will have a lot of good enjoyable hours on your helicopter by checking these little things and it is a guarantee.

The most important thing is to make sure that before you fly you turn the radio on first then you plug in the helicopter. So many people turning on the helicopters first and then the radios which the little receiver goes into a standby mode and doesn’t link to the radio which everyone thinks they got a bad helicopter. Turning on the remote first is the key here so you won’t have all of those problems. Plug in the helicopter which has a jar on board and don’t forget it. You need to make sure that as soon as you plug it in set it down on a flat surface and let it be still. You got to wait for it to see the lights pop on. If you moved it around after you have just plugged it the gyro doesn’t know what ‘still’ is. Every time you plug it in you have to set it down so it knows what means to be still. It will fly extremely and radically if you move it thinking it is what you mean of being ‘still’. Flying it would be a problem afterwards. Flying it with a fully charged battery is a must.

Here is a side checklist you need to do if you somehow crashed it on your first flight. First thing is your Y bar on top of the main helicopter blades should be free moving. It you try to hit it with your fingers it should be bouncing back and forth so you know it is not binding. It should be able to move as freely as possible because this is what keeps your helicopter stable which is very important. It means your helicopter is going to fly very radically if the Y bar is tight, lockdown or binding.

For post flight things to remember here, you have to unplug the helicopter. The radio must be turned off. Keep them safe in a room temperature free from moist and sun exposure. Recharging the batteries for both remote control and the helicopter should not be forgotten.

These pre-flight and post flight checklists will make sure that you will enjoy your best rc helicopter for a very long time.

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